Shanna & Josh {married} | NC Wedding Videography| Tips on Choosing your Wedding Videographer

After getting to know Shanna for nearly a year before her wedding, seeing this video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Connecting with clients is so important to us, and we’re so happy that we connected with them! I tend to get attached to my clients, who then turn into friends, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with these amazing people, just look how fun they are! I mean, who else has a dog, a horse AND a firetruck at their wedding!?

I found some tips on choosing your videographer and wanted to share them with you! Be sure to check out the original post!

Wedding videography has provided the bride and grooms nowadays the opportunity to have produced a marvelous video documentary of their wedding. Today’s couples invest in selecting the ideal reception venue, bridal flower bouquets, wedding cakes, wedding ceremony decorations, invitations, wedding dress and possibly end on that checklist is the wedding videos. But wedding videography should not be neglected because it preserves the memoir of the wedding celebration.

Actually, there are two options to record virtually every significant event in a person’s lifestyle. Through wedding photography and videography, all the stuff you wish to recall a decade in the future like the laughter and tears, the fun times with your bridesmaids and best man, and all that jazz. The wedding photographer has to direct and pose the couple and their guests to be able to position those worthwhile wedding album images. The videographer, alternatively, has to blend on the background and record additional informal scenes like a ninja!


Wedding Video Styles

  1. Documentary Video Style – reveals the events as it happen continuously right from the start through the end of the wedding.
  2. Cinematic Video Style – filmed and edited to represent the captured wedding videography as a movie film that includes special effects like black and white film, slow motion, or additional sound track.
  3. Traditional Video Style – a compilation of various shots inside the wedding without any editing involve.

5 Tips in Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Your videographer should be ready to frame an incredible scene, and change things around from wide angle shots to close-up macro and not merely a series of extended shots panning across the whole room.

  1. Try to look for wedding video suppliers that allows you to customize the video package.
  2. Check out the videographer’s portfolio and samples of work taking note of the quality of pictures and sound audio.
  3. Consider the personality of the videographer if they can capture the event without interrupting the guest.
  4. Ask what camera equipment they are using and if they offer High Definition HD quality video.
  5. Determine if they can keep within your wedding budget without compromising the quality.

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